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32 Channel R-series & H series bundle.

SKU GS- 32 Channel Bundle

These 32 Channel NVR's (2 RaySharp and 1 Hikivison) do have issues with them. Housing damage, recording issues, port issues, etc. Each of the NVR's do come with accessories. Each of the NVR's are branded. (Picture is of R-Series NVR). 

BUYER BEWARE: These NVR's are being sold separately but grouped together since they do have relatively the same issues. You are aware before you buy that they do have issues. BUY AT YOUR RISK!!! 


This closeout item is a brand new product that's never been opened before. This could have been a discontinued product, some of our overstock, or something that we got from a supplier at a smoking deal that we're passing on to you. Act now, because as soon as we're out of stock, these deals are gone forever.
This is a used product, so there might be some wear and tear. All used products on our garage sale have been tested for functionality, but it may not look exactly like the product in the picture. Also note that we cannot guarantee this will come with all of its original accessories. For more information about our used products, check out our About Page.