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9.25 Inch Extended Pendant Ceiling Mount for EYEsurv PTZ Cameras

by Dahua
SKU 1176
  • Pendant Ceiling mount your EYEsurv Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera with this extended mount
  • Extends 9.25" below the ceiling
  • Works with the following PTZ cameras:
    • ESC-PTZ-600
    • ESCVI-PTZ-720p
    • ESIP-PTZ-1.3MPir
    • ESCVI-PTZ-720pIR
    • ESC-PTZ-600ir
    • ESIP-PTZv2-1080pIR
    • ESIP-PTZ-1080p
    • ESIP-PTZ-1080pIR
    • ESCVI-PTZv2-1080pIR
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