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Pallet O' Switches - Customer Returns - Arrange your own Freight

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SKU Pallet of Switches
A smokin deal for the resourceful person!

This is a pallet of IPCamPower Switch customer returns. These contain products that have either 
#1) Something Partially Wrong with them
#2) Something Completely wrong with them
#3) Nothing wrong with them at all. (The customer assumed the product was defective and returned it)
It will contain a mixture of all those 3 types. We did not have time to test them all.

Here is the deal. This is not free shipping. You will have to arrange your own freight pickup here at our location. Cannot be shipped UPS or Fedex!
The pallet weighs approximaly 700 lbs. (wild guess)
We can load up the pallet on a truck with a forklift. 
You will have to arrange the pickup at our location and cover your own shipping costs to your location. 

Once you complete checkout, go ahead and arrange shipping and let us know which date the pallet will be picked up so we can get it ready.