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Security Fun Lot - Untested Amazon Returns

Sold out
Here is the deal folks. These are all Amazon returns. I didn't even mess with testing them all so Im just slapping them up here on Nellys Surplus at a super discounted rate so you, the buyer, can get a smokin deal.

We just dont have the time to run through and test all of these Amazon returns anymore. What I can tell you with Amazon returns is that most of the time they work. Its usually returned either because the buyer ended up not using it or they simply didn't know how to set it up, which is most of the time.

I can't guarantee that everything will work in this lot, but I can guarantee you are gonna get your moneys worth on a pretty dang good deal! Selling As Is!

(2) 2GIG GC3
(1) 2GIG gun detector
(1) Axis IP Camera
(3) GoSwift IP Cameras
(5) HD Analog MicroDome Cameras