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About Nelly's Surplus

Welcome to Nelly's Surplus: the security equipment garage sale! If you're looking for incredible deals on security equipment, you've come to the right place. Feel free to browse our ever-expanding collection of used, overstock, and closeout products. If you're wondering how you got to this website and you're interested in learning a little bit more about our company, then keep reading!

Nelly's Surplus Garage Sale: Shop Used Items at a Great Price

Who Are We and What's this All About?

Our main business is Nelly's Security. Simply put, we're the greatest security supplier on the planet. For a more comprehensive explanation of who we are, our history, and our vision, you can click here.

Nelly's Security was founded by Sean Nelson

But here's our history in a nutshell. Nelly's Surplus was founded by Sean Nelson in 2008 with a focus on buying liquidations, closeouts, customer returns, and used store equipment from places like Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. But it didn't take long before the focus shifted primarily to security equipment. Thus, "Nelly's Surplus" became "Nelly's Security."

Fast forward to today. We're now a leading supplier of brand new video surveillance, alarm system, and access control products. In fact, we're on a journey to becoming the number one security supplier in the world.

Wait a minute, you might be asking yourself. If Nelly's Surplus was put to rest all those years ago, how did I find my way to this website? Well, I'm glad you asked. You see, as our business rapidly expanded, we realized we needed a place to send customer returns, as well as our overstock and discontinued products. Thus, in an ode to our history, we revived Nelly's Surplus.

How Does Nelly's Surplus Work?

Nelly's Surplus is a place for all of our Nelly's Security Garage Sale items. Due to the nature of these products, our processes are a bit different from what you may be used to if you're a regular Nelly's Security customer. Here's what you can expect:

  • A lot of products on this website are used. We will give an honest description of the product's condition so you know exactly what you're getting into. The product's image will be a representation of the product's condition. But since we often have several of the same used products in stock, the product you receive is not guaranteed to look exactly like the product image.
  • We also have some smoking deals on closeouts, discontinued items, and overstock items as well.
  • Our Nelly's Surplus items are covered by our 6 month warranty unless otherwise noted in the listing.
  • You are going to want to check back often because new inventory is being listed and sold each week!!!
  • We give you a full 30 days to return any products that you purchased from Nelly's Surplus.

Here is a more thorough description of the types of items that we sell on Nelly's Surplus:

Used Items

Most of these items are used items which have been fully tested for working conditions but didn't meet our guidelines to be re-sold as a new item. Often these items are refurbished items. These products are typically customer returns that we had to send back to the factory to get repaired under warranty. For example, a customer may have returned a DVR to us that was not functional, so we sent the DVR in to the manufacturer. They replaced the motherboard and sent it back to us. Sometimes the items listed will be display models in our store. Or sometimes they were items that customers returned before 30 days at Nelly's Security and could not be resold as new. Some of these products are also branded with our customers' custom logos.

Q: Will the used items be missing pieces?

Since these are used products, they may not come with all of its original accessories. For instance, used items will often come without the original box or documentation. Other products may have missing screws or weatherproof grommets. However, all used items will be tested for functionality and any key item that is missing for functionality will be noted in the condition notes. Unless otherwise noted, All recorders are guaranteed to include a power supply, a mouse, and cables to hook up at least one Hard Drive (additional hard drive cables are not guaranteed).

Sometimes items will be sold with defects described and listed in the description but wont necessarily impede performance of the product. An example would be a noisy fan on a recorder.

Click here to view all used products.

Closeouts & Discontinued Items

You will sometimes see brand new items listed in our Garage Sale. These are often closeout or discontinued items that we no longer sell. Or they may be some overstock that we got from a supplier at a smoking deal and we are passing the savings on to you! We're getting new closeout discounts all the time, and these usually don't last very long. As soon as we're out of stock, these deals are gone forever. So if you're interested in a product, be sure to act fast!

Click here to view all closeouts.

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