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Linear BluePass 2-in-1 Multi Tech Card and Blue Tooth Cell Phone Reader For Access Control

SKU 1625
  • BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Compatible.
  • Bluetooth and Proximity reader combo.
  • Compatible with most HID 26 to 37 bit 125 KHZ credentials.
  • Tired of people losing their prox cards? Use their Cell Phones as credentials instead! No one loses their cell phone!
  • RFID Proximity Wiegand based 26 to 37 bit interface/ output
  • Weather proof IP65
  • Voltage: +6-16 VDC at the reader. 12VDC power supply is recommended.
  • Operating temperature: -40° F to 149° F
  • User your smartphone as access card.
  • Includes single gang style adapter plate. Can be mounted either single-gang or mullion mount configuration.
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